Can you identify with this?  Dad’s can you identify with this?

What is the breaking point that you know when its time for a time out for you?  What does your timeout look like?

For me today is one of those days.  I woke up this morning wanting to just lay around, watch HGTV, DVR and nap.  But as I looked around the house I knew I can’t lay around and waste the day.  I had laundry to fold and wash more.  I needed to go to the grocery and do some meal prep.  I knew my time frame was limited as we had to get to a girl scout meeting today at pm.  So I chose to lay around until pm.  I went to fold the 2 loads of laundry that was sitting all week.  I put the sheets from all the beds into wash and left for girl scouts.

I had 1.5 hours to do some things for my home based while sitting at the library during her meeting.  I got 2 things accomplished from that list and I felt good.  I grabbed dinner (not fast food technically) and home I went.   I ran to the store to grab a few things to get us by until Monday/Tuesday when I can meal prep for the week.  Then I made brownies for my amazing husband per his request.  I also snuck in making breakfast mini omelettes for the week.  I come upstairs to see what is going on with laundry and it wasn’t where I thought it should be and I lost it. Yes my husband took the wrath in a short and sweet snarky comment I made. So then I start helping make the bed in my daughters bed and my back was hurting so I couldn’t do it and she wasn’t doing it as fast as I liked and I snipped at her.  At that point I removed myself from all and here I sit in time out.  I am blogging about it cause I feel like that is my therapy on how to NOT do this again.  Now it didn’t take me long to figure out what I did wrong and how to TRY not to do it again.

The result was I procrastinated all day, fell behind and then it became everyone’s fault.  I know it was my fault too but I was snipping at everyone around me.

Now I am about to cut up brownies for my family and give the peace offering.

mom time out

It will still be my “HAPPY PLACE”

I went to bed last night after a long weekend of working my 9-5 since it was quarter end and I was exhausted.  Our daughter text me from her room at 1:21am saying the dog was barking.  I listened I heard nothing and then she replied she stopped.  Great now I am wide awake as I have had a good 2-3 hours of sleep.  I get up use the bathroom and crawl back into bed and look at Face Book.  I scroll for about 2 mins and one of the groups I belong to is a Vegas board and someone had posted 2 mins prior active shooter at Mandalay Bay.  I was like “lord Jesus, lil punks”.  Then 5 mins later someone posts active shooter at Luxor.  It continued for about 15 mins as it went up strip with the casinos finally ending at Harrah’s.  I jumped on the Police scanner and started to listen and found out it was 1 shooter and they were about to storm his 32nd floor room.  There were no other casinos involved just MB and the concert venue below.

I watched news channels FB Live, the police scanner became jumbled so I stopped listening.  I finally laid back down at 3:30 said a silent prayer and went back to sleep.  I woke up at 5:30 and my husband didn’t know yet.  When he got back in bed I told him.  At that point more new channels were live and I started listening again.  I couldn’t wrap my head around it yet and all I wanted to know was it in fact terrorism on MY Happy Place?  How could it be?  Next to Disneyland/world this is the happiest place on earth for ADULTS.  Why would someone ruin that persona? I will not let this savage ruin my love of the city or my memories.

Now we are about 14 hours after the worst mass shooting in US history and I still don’t understand why.  I will wait to see what the investigators figure out from his home, his roommate when she returns to the country and so forth.

My prayers and love to the families, friends and fellow concert goers that are now living with this for the rest of their lives.  Loss of a loved one, the images of seeing people gunned down from an unknown source right in front of you.  I pray they all seek help and assistance the resources are there when YOU are ready.Vegsd.jpg

Mom Life……. the things we do for our kids

I just returned on Friday afternoon from 28 hrs with 77 5th graders in the woods.  In today’s society our kids are so electronics focused but I must say I was surprised how well they did.

We arrived at camp which is located in our own town but you would have no idea (I didn’t) it was there.  Kids had cabin assignments and we grabbed our gear and chose our bunks, yes bunk beds.  This momma however grabbed a bottom bunk and settled in.  We met at the Flag pole and started our stations.  These stations allowed the kids to learn new skills not only in nature but in real life.  For example we did an adaptations station.  They hid 15 things along a path in the woods and we had to find them.  Interesting thing is almost everyone missed the items that were behind them.  They focused on in front and to the side. When we turned around and walked back the same path we saw the additional items.  The kids enjoyed the exercise for sure.  We did other stations such as team building,  leading a friend that is blindfolded, and learning about what is important in survival as a group.  In the evening they did a 2 mile hike at dusk and then the campfire with s’mores.  To be honest the fire was great but it was so stinkin hot and the mosquitoes were having a field day on the legs and ankles I was ready to clean up and get to bed in the air conditioned cabin…… this was not glamping my any means but it beat sleeping in a tent.

The girls were having fun and enjoying the time talking and a couple even did make up.  Lights out at 10:15, no talking at 10:30.  Most were up and getting ready by 6:45 am.  We cleaned the cabin and took our stuff to the front.  Breakfast time with a cereal bar, and sausage, egg, cheese biscuit.  Then back to the hot morning which by the way was the first day of fall and it was 94 out.  After a morning of team building like working together to get across an area without falling off the blocks. the kids had truly ran out of gas.  The heat was taking its toll on all of us no matter how much water we drank, well water at that.  We gathered after a couple of exercises back at the front for a cleanest cabin award.  I am proud to say our cabin WON!!!!  The girls were so excited to have those bragging rights.

We loaded the buses up, I however drove myself and back to the school we went.  After the kids were accounted for at the school she was released to me and off to get food, shower and me to return to work for about 5 hours.

I would not trade the memories for anything in the world and so thankful I have a FT job that I can take the time off to do those things with her.  I would love nothing more than to grow my Network Marketing Business and the new business I will be launching in October to not worry about time off no matter what is needed for my family.  I will get there just you watch and see!

Whew, what a whirl wind few months….

Hey guys sorry for being gone so long but I had to take some steps back and re-evaluate life, my business and what we wanted as a family for our future.

So we have done the ground work and I am back and focused on bringing you content to add value to your life and those around you(so if you like what you read please share it).

Where have I been and what have we been up too.  Well lets start with

April – school was winding down, soccer season was in full swing and I went to my Network Marketing company annual event in Frisco, Tx.  Came back from there and was fired up has amazing ideas (still do) and then the FT job came into play.  We were going through a merger and it was in full swing.  Everyday was a meeting or 3-4 on top of my normal daily duties.  Thanks to my amazing team I was able to focus on our future as a team and they handled the day to day.

May – School ended, soccer ended and I was about to breath when someone called and asked me to be their +1 to Cancun.  YES PLEASE!  I was very grateful for the opportunity to be in Cancun with so many amazing, top earners in the industry and learning and absorbing from them all.  It also allowed me some alone time to reflect on where I want to me in my career, my NW business and as a wife/mom.  I am grateful for the person that asked me to come along and it was just what I needed.  Came back it was Memorial Weekend and BAM, 4 days later off to Vegas!!!!

June – Annual trip with my hubby for my birthday and no daughter.  It is our mid year recharge and we had a great trip this year.  Once i returned however the migration at work was in full effect and the stress levels were at an all time high.  Not to mention that many long time employees/friends were departing the company at an uncomfortable rate of speed, some on their own others not so much.  But I had to keep focused for my team and myself.

July -We took an impromptu trip to Virginia to visit my husbands side of the family and Morgan had her first plane ride.  That was a nice relaxing trip as they live at the beach so morning and night salt air is to be soaked in and the sounds are soothing.  The return from mini vacation was met with all hands on deck as migration was happening in 2 weeks ready or not.  I can tell you we had done this same exercise internally in March 2015 and it took 18 months to get it ready.  This time around it was more like 18 weeks….all kidding aside it might have been 22 weeks but you get the picture.  Oh and not to mention that go Live day is also THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Lucky for us I bought supplies July 4th weekend and family took her back to school shopping while on vacation so we were ready!

August – We went live on the new system and it has been a challenging month for my team but most importantly my customers.  But we are remaining positive and keep a smile on our face and do our best to find the right answers or someone to assist them.  School started August 1st as well and its going well.  Soccer started a week later and she is showing some improvement so the camps this summer must have helped.  Lots of struggles with my lower back (that will be another blog) but after a month of no exercise and feeling fluffy I woke up today to take my “after pics” for a contest and I saw some changes and was 5lbs down for the month.

So here is sit on Labor Day and I am reflecting on the last few months with you and I realize its not been horrible but it was real life and we made it through.  Now time to get the ball rolling for many of our goals and see where we land in 3, 6 or 9 months from now.  Stay tuned its going to be a great ride and I want you on board with me.windy dog

Motivation Monday!


What will you do today to be AWESOME?  I would love to see comments below of things you did today to make a difference big or small.  Did you put a smile on someone’s sad face? Maybe pay it forward and pay for the person behind you at Starbucks?  If we all took one moment each day to do something for ourselves or someone else can you imagine what kind of world we would live in compared to the reality of today?

During the week of Christmas I went through a drive thru (yes I am human remember) and I paid for my stuff with a debit card.  then I left the cashier $10 and said pay for how ever many people you can behind me and tell them Merry Christmas and pay it forward!  This is a cashier I see when i do visit said place and she has helped me do it before.  She smiled and say God Bless you and Merry Christmas.  I drove off with a smile on my face knowing I might have made someone’s day.

So take a moment and do a small act of kindness for someone.

1 week in to 2017

How’s it going?  Started and stopped any resolutions yet?  If so what were they and why did you stop?

Well the new year is not starting out the way i pictured it.  I have a goal to lose another 40 lbs at least and I prepped food and got my mind right on NY Day and Jan 2nd it hit……… not the dreaded flu thank God but this scratching throat, sinus pressure, that turned into drainage and more throat soreness.  But I see the silver lining and it appears that this week I will be back reunited with my long lost love “gym”

I am super excited as I have some routines to start with in the gym to break up the 45 minute intervals on treadmill for my cardio. I have “new” tunes on my phone that I never realized were there that my loving husband loaded a couple years ago when he made me a workout playlist.  So I am super pumped to have new old music and some routines to keep me moving forward on my journey.

So given this week of no exercise again I stuck with my customized vitamins and meal replacement shake and hydrate or energy from IDLife daily.  The good news, No weight gain or loss this week.  You are thinking how is no weight loss good news?  Well considering for 3 out of 8 days in this new year I didn’t even get out of my Pj’s and either worked from home or laid in bed taking any and all cold meds to break it up and out of my body quickly.  I wasn’t eating properly because half the time I couldn’t taste anything and the other half I couldn’t breathe or swallow without difficulty.

Love to hear your resolutions or lifestyle changes below.  Here is to week #2 and moving forward!!!!  I like to think of Tomorrow as Day 1.


10 yr old fun!

So here comes the “MOM” post.  We are the parents of an amazing daughter and she is the only child.  Yep you know where this is going.

So the day after Christmas we had to have the “you are ungrateful” talk and I said right then that there would be no more running to the store to get her what she wanted when she asked.  Well that lasted all of 7 days.  She wanted a Polaroid camera for Christmas and evidently Santa didn’t get the note.  NYE we went to look at the store she saw it at a couple of months ago.  They were on sale but still expensive.  So I said “let’s do research and see what we find”.  I went online and found it the next day somewhere else for 1/2 the price.  I told her “get dressed we are leaving in 10 mins and ask no questions”.  So she was ready and we rolled to the store.  She had a gift card from Christmas and I told her when she realized what was happening that she will use the card for it and work off the rest.  She was thrilled and kept repeating, ” I am so excited”  “you are the best!”.  We return home and within 2 hours she had to rush out the door to go to Youth Group and she read the text message wrong and she started snapping at me.  I was like WOW it happened again.  I was in a decent mood all day, was about to hit the gym while she was done and BAM just like that I went into a funk.  I had broken my rule to stop the ungratefulness and it happened all over.  I beat myself up the rest of the night, didn’t go to the gym, went to Taco Bell instead and came home and went to bed. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

So today she was better.  She helped with food prep a bit and cleaned up the kitchen with me.  That was worth $2 to me towards her debt.  Tomorrow we return to work after DH had a week off and I had a 3 day weekend.  She is still on winter break for another week so HOPEFULLY she is a little calmer this week since routine is picking back up.

So do any of you have the same issues?  How do you fix it?only child.jpg