Why wait for Jan 1?

Yes its that time of year.  We are approaching Christmas and that is followed by New Years.  With New Years comes that word that begins withe R.  Yes you know the word.

Its ok to make a Resolution.  But 90% of the time those resolutions last a week, a month, maybe 3 months.  But we make an Excuse as to why we had to stop, why its not working etc.  So why not start NOW, today with a small step to making a change for the New Year and New YOU?!

I am committed to releasing the last 50lbs for my journey and I want to do it by my Birthday in June.  I have slacked off on the exercise, not eating as clean as I was, allowing more excuses to win.  But Come Jan 8th  IT IS ON!

If you are looking for a proven system that will help you with your health goals, customized for you with amazing tasting products to help with those cravings then we need to talk!  I will start my last leg of the journey and I love to have you on board with me.  I have already lost 51lbs and now its time for the rest to follow.

I use a 3 simple step system, I do meal prep to prevent excuses from winning (excuses aka drive thru) and I get up and move at least 3 days a week.  But when I first started I was using the 3 steps and moving 1 day a week and eating better but not cleaner.  Over time my desire for the crappy food was less and I craved fruits, veggies and cleaner options.  I am happy to discuss the process and program with you just message me at tanyaking2015@gmail.com and in the subject put NEW YOU 2018 so I don’t delete you.

I cannot wait but in the meantime I am making small changes so I am prepared fully come Jan 8th.  What small change will you make over the next 3 weeks?

For me it is no eating after 8pm.  Comment below with yours.

Motivation change small

Product Spotlight – SLEEP

Sleep, we have a love hate relationship with it.  We want to get good sleep however in the busy lifestyles of most of us today we don’t always achieve this goal.  We have kids, animals, snoring spouses and overall anxiety on life to worry about, so who has time to sleep?

The flip side is those that have struggled with quality sleep have turned to pharmaceuticals or over the counter sleep aides.  Overtime you become immune to those sleep aides and they lose their effectiveness.  Now you are back to square one, little sleep and no solution.

IDLife has introduced a Tri Phasic Sleep Strip to help you go to lullaby land quickly and efficiently.  This minty sleep strip will take you to the 3 phases of sleep to give you the quality sleep you need.  This video from one of are amazing Sci Med board members will give an awesome explanation.  Take a 1:49 minutes to learn more.


So if you are looking for quality sleep at an affordable price then look no further!  As a side note you will not only wake up feeling refreshed but have amazing breath since the strip is a minty flavor!!!!   Order yours today at https://360KingIDX.idlife.com