Why wait for Jan 1?

Yes its that time of year.  We are approaching Christmas and that is followed by New Years.  With New Years comes that word that begins withe R.  Yes you know the word.

Its ok to make a Resolution.  But 90% of the time those resolutions last a week, a month, maybe 3 months.  But we make an Excuse as to why we had to stop, why its not working etc.  So why not start NOW, today with a small step to making a change for the New Year and New YOU?!

I am committed to releasing the last 50lbs for my journey and I want to do it by my Birthday in June.  I have slacked off on the exercise, not eating as clean as I was, allowing more excuses to win.  But Come Jan 8th  IT IS ON!

If you are looking for a proven system that will help you with your health goals, customized for you with amazing tasting products to help with those cravings then we need to talk!  I will start my last leg of the journey and I love to have you on board with me.  I have already lost 51lbs and now its time for the rest to follow.

I use a 3 simple step system, I do meal prep to prevent excuses from winning (excuses aka drive thru) and I get up and move at least 3 days a week.  But when I first started I was using the 3 steps and moving 1 day a week and eating better but not cleaner.  Over time my desire for the crappy food was less and I craved fruits, veggies and cleaner options.  I am happy to discuss the process and program with you just message me at tanyaking2015@gmail.com and in the subject put NEW YOU 2018 so I don’t delete you.

I cannot wait but in the meantime I am making small changes so I am prepared fully come Jan 8th.  What small change will you make over the next 3 weeks?

For me it is no eating after 8pm.  Comment below with yours.

Motivation change small

Embarking on a new business

We finally did it.  I am moving forward with my secondary business and growing another stream of income doing something I am passionate about.

I am starting a meal prep business launching in October is the target.  I have  seen so many of my friends struggle with the other services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and I decided there could be a open door for me here.  Yes I know the market is saturated with these types of services but I want to take a different approach if the client allows me too.

My service will have 3-4 options and they get to choose.  There is the option for us to prep together  in your home, me coming to your home and doing it alone,  I prepare menu, recipes, grocery list and you prep it on your own, or the custom service where we plan what you want.  The first 2 options will be a limit of 15 meals and a hourly minimum and a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  As a secondary offering I will grocery shop for your session as well with a fee plus cost of groceries.  My mission is when I  leave they have the knowledge to be able to do this going forward, maybe they use the menu service or if all else fails I am in their house maybe every 10 days.  We will see.  The pricing was the hard part but when I look at other services out there I think I have priced it fairly and there will be some bonuses along the way.

What are your thoughts?  Would you allow someone in your home to prep your meals for the week?  Would you want to learn alongside them for future prepping alone?  what about having a girls afternoon and prep some basics like 2-3 meals then go home with 3-4 recipes?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.  I am super excited to launch this locally in Indianapolis and US based for the menu basics.  Stay tuned so I can help you and your family eat healthier and stay out of the drive thru’s!Lunches

Money saving tips with Food

Hey guys!  Long time no chat.  Life has been a bit crazy and hectic with spring break, now soccer is starting.  So I needed to get this out to you to help with crazy life styles like ours.  Hope you find something useful and share the blog with someone else on social media!

I make a meal replacement shake everyday, typically in the morning but sometimes lunch or dinner.  In that shake I add 4-6 medium size frozen strawberries.  Well if you look in the freezer section a bag of frozen berries is like $5.  What I do is when they are running strawberries on special like 2/$4 or 3/$5 I grab as many as I can and take them home rinse, cut the stems and sometimes cut in half and place in a gallon freezer bag.  This saves so much money and you control that there is no preservatives in that frozen bag.  I do the same thing with blueberries as our puppy loves these as a treat.

Do you have bananas on your counter going bad?  Peel them and cut in half throw them in the freezer too.  Now you didn’t throw away the banana to go buy new and you still can use in your shakes!

Now for the GREENS!!!  I typically from time to time will buy spinach and kale to throw in to the shakes but not all the time.  Since greens go bad fairly quickly and I love a cold not watered down shake (no ice added for me) here is something that will save the Greens.  Take the greens and put in your blender with a little bit of water.  Blend up as you would a shake consistency.  Now pour the mixture into a muffin pan filling it up half way.  Freeze and when solid pop out the hockey puck of greens from the muffin tray and into a freezer bag.  Now you have frozen greens when you want them for your shakes!

Another tip I do almost weekly is with meats.  You know if you go early in the morning they are marking meats down.  Grab the ground beef, turkey, chicken whatever you like and take it home, brown it up you can even season it for specific things like spaghetti, Sloppy joes, Mexican dishes etc.  Label your freezer bag with the name of what the meat will be used for – Tacos or Spaghetti.  Then divide up and let it cool with the bag open.  Once cooled completely then close it up with no air and lay flat for best storage in your freezer. Chicken cut in cubes is also great and quick to cook up in a hurry.  Finding whole chickens on sale is a bonus too cause I boil it up and shred it and place in baggies for quesadilla’s or for the puppy, yes she is spolied!  Now when you get home after work, or sports and forgot to pull something out you can pop this in the microwave to defrost while kids are doing homework or showers and dinner on the table in under 30 mins.

Green, red, or yellow peppers along with onion they run these on special all the time in the grocery.  Buy them up and cut into slices like for stir fry dishes then place in baggies per dish.  So you grab one bag throw it with some meat and make some rice and BAM dinner is served  You can also add meat and a marinade to this bag and its all in one bag when you are ready to cook.

hope these tips helped you and as I come up with more I will share.  But I would love for you to share with me one of your money/time saving tips with food below!

Have a great day!

Day 1 for $1000

Today is Day 1 for my next 30 day challenge with IDLife.  Each month since January IDLife has sponsored a transformation challenge.  Top male and female wins a $1000.  In February they added the Top 5 would win a workout with Jen Widerstrom from the Biggest Loser and also an IDLife investor.  I set this as my goal and on March 10th the winners were announced…… My name was the second one to be called!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you the emotions I went through, first I was like what is that my pic, then I was like wait a minute that is my picture, then I wanted to rewind the video but it was a FaceBook Live so I had to wait until it was over to watch it again!  I started crying when it hit me that I had achieved the goal I sat out to hit on February 1st.  I believed in myself and so many around me did as well and I couldn’t believe we had achieved it!  At that moment I knew exactly what would be next, set the goal to win the $1000 in March.  I have 38 lbs left to hit my ultimate weight loss goal of 88 lbs.  I will achieve it this year and maybe even by my 47th birthday in June.  But if not by June I will not beat myself up and I will continue down the journey.  The weight didn’t come on over night and won’t be released overnight.

So today is Day 1 for the new challenge and I spent all of Sunday doing meal prep and making sure my excuses were covered, meaning there is no way I can order pizza, or run through a drive thru because I didn’t plan lunch or dinner.  Breakfast is covered with my IDLife meal replacement shake. With all the standing at the counter and stove yesterday I think I aggravated my SI joint so I was hurting a bit.  I am hitting the gym tonight to work out this SI pain it will be some light bike work but I will achieve what needs to happen.


My Wins for the week!

Well this was a serious week of getting back in routine for me and the family.  I am working towards a goal by January 31st and I am a week behind so I had to kick it up a notch.  How many of you feel like you are always running behind either at work, home, your business, with friends etc?  How do you get back on track?

Well here is how I got on track this week………… One day at a time!  If I didn’t eat like I wished I had or drink enough water I just told myself tomorrow is a new day.

I took Monday as a day to start since we were off that day and I had more time to prepare.  I did some meal prepping and got things done around the house. No gym and not 100% clean eating.  We had donuts from our favorite local place and got there when they were WARM!  OMG. I honestly cannot remember what I made for lunch or dinner this day. Must have been super bad….lol

I told myself I have to go to the gym no less than 4 times a week. I had 2 work lunches this week and I had to refrain from indulging and kept it clean as possible.

Tuesday I hit the gym at 6am to get my first workout for the week in.  Fasting Cardio is what I am striving for at least 2 times a week in the morning to burn more fat in my trouble areas.  Lunch was a salad pretty boring but it filled me up.  Dinner was the Spinach/spaghetti squash recipe and it got 3 thumbs up.  Here is the recipe for you to try too, https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/spaghetti-squash-with-bacon-spinach-and-goat-cheese/1475772

Wednesday’s lunch was at a Brazilian steak house so it was lots of protein and I kept the carbs to a minimum.  Also had a nice big salad too.  I was so full that I was unable to eat dinner that evening.  I hate skipping meals but I just couldn’t do it.  I had made a cowboy casserole in the crockpot and the family was taken care of, try it and let me know what you think.  http://www.familyfreshmeals.com/2013/08/cheesy-crockpot-cowboy-casserole.html

Thursday’s lunch I chose salmon, sweet potato, and a salad.  Dinner I was hitting the gym but first dinner for the family.  Lucky for me they love leftovers so that is what they had.  I hit the gym and did a workout that included 20 squats, 20 lunges, 10 push ups, 20 one leg quad raises, and my favorite (NOT) 10 mountain climbers.  You do as many sets as possible in 20 mins.  I hit 4 sets!  Not bad for first real week back at it.  I had to get in 15 mins of cardio just to stretch it out.

Friday – YES WE MADE IT.  I hit the gym at 6am cause I had a hot date and no gym time after work.  I chose to do 30 mins of interval training on the treadmill. every 2 mins it changes from 0 incline and 3.1 speed to 3 incline and 3.9 speed.  I had made a salad from home for lunch because dinner was going to be all you can eat crab legs!  yes they were so good and not bad on the calorie intake either.  Had a nice salad as well.

Saturday I did laundry, cleaned up the house a bit, took a short nap and then hit the gym for another round of Thursday’s exercises with some upper arms 40 seconds each of free weights laying down and doing bench press motion, then butterfly, over head to chest, then fast push ups and crunches.  Made beef stir fry and rice for dinner and ate that after my workout.

Today hubby and I went to the gym together for 30 mins of interval cardio on the treadmill while he ran on the treadmill.  I am not going to lie I came home and made eggs with cheese, bacon, and biscuits and gravy.  I had one biscuit, about 1/4 cup gravy, 2 eggs and 3 strips of bacon. I deserved it and enjoyed every bite.  For dinner I made Parmesan chicken breasts with sweet potato chips.  I lightly oil the breasts salt and pepper both sides and then top with fresh parm.  Sweet potato chips i slice thin, melt 1 tbsp unsalted real butter and mix cinnamon in with it and drizzle in a bowl, stir them around to make sure all are coated and then lay on cookie sheet.  I sprinkle slightly brown sugar and cinnamon and bake both for about 35 mins.on 400.  Side salad and its healthy yummy dinner with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!

Breakfast’s this week were an IDLife meal replacement shake with frozen fruit. Snacks were apples, celery, peanut butter, nuts. Also mid afternoon when the cravings would hit I would mix up either IDLife mixed berry energy or Grape Hydrate to curb that sweet tooth.  Let’s not forget the water, WOW each day was 100+ oz but 2.  Lets not forget my Customized nutrition from IDLife as well each morning and night, giving me just what my body needs.  I feel amazing this week and I wasn’t going to do it but i did anyway, I jumped on the scale this week and I am down another 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know what’s going on in your healthy world.  Share a recipe with me in the comments below.  I am super stoked I also got an Insta Pot this week and can’t wait to start exploring meals with it.  If you have one let me know what is yummy in your pot!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to hit follow to stay updated on my blogs, we are just getting started.

Sunday – it’s a love hate relationship

Here we are the end to another weekend filled with household chores, family time and relaxation.  Wait, what?  Relaxation?  I missed that part this weekend.  I long for the days again to just lay around with a book and read.  I did however catch up on 2 TV shows on DVR!  I also made it to the gym this morning and did some Fasting Cardio on the treadmill with 30 mins. of interval training and one rotation of upper arms with 2.5 lb weights, ropes and abs.

I meal prepped this weekend to help stay on track of the journey at hand and I made the following:

  • 3 bags of Chicken lettuce wraps mixture
  • 1 bag of beef stir fry
  • 3 bags of split chicken breasts for parm. crusted chicken or another baked chicken varities
  • 2 bags of chicken strips to grill or fry for salads
  • 1 bag of boiled chicken legs for the dog – yes she is spoiled
  • a dozen hard boiled eggs for snacks each day
  • tomorrow I will cook up some ground chuck for a casserole in the crock pot Tuesday
  • pork chops and sweet potato chips with a salad for dinner tomorrow night

This should last us a couple weeks with a beef night thrown in with already bagged hamburger in the freezer as well as salmon and shrimp in the freezer too. I am on operation clean out the freezer and start fresh in February.  I am investigating the Insta Pot as well.  I have seen several friends cooking their meals lately with it and I am curious.  I love my crockpot/slow cooker but the Insta Pot is very intriguing.  However they remain sold out at Wal Mart so I might have to get it off Amazon!  Do you have the Insta Pot and if so please comment below your review, I am curious!

Good news is laundry and house work can be finished tomorrow as we are all off!  So tonight I will sit back and probably fall asleep before 10:30pm.  Nite all!

1-15-16 cardio.jpg


Healthy Simplified

What does that mean to you?  What is your ideal system to get healthy?  We all know there are no magic potions, pills or powders out there, right?

I have been using a product line for about 17 months now and I am here to tell you this is the real deal.   It is a simplified system that 3 mins a day with 3 simple steps will help get you on the right track.

I started in August of 2015 after I lost my mother.  I had to get healthy and I was committed to whatever it would take.  I had a friend and mentor with a former jewelry company that was posting these intriguing posts about getting healthy, lose weight blah blah blah.  I had recently been using another product line and let me tell you it was on the path to killing me, literally.  My blood pressure went to stroke levels and I was like enough.

I inquired to my friend about the products and she gave me advice to start with the customized nutrition.  Now outside of the 9 months I was pregnant I have never taken vitamins in my adult life.  But I was willing to try with a 30 Day money back guarantee.  I did the online assessment, and waited for my packets to come.  They are pre-labeled and portioned out so no thinking on my part just tear it off and swallow. When I started I was taking 11 capsules a day total.  I had to break up my nightly packets as it was 7 at night. Fast Forward 2.5 weeks into the nutrition and ummm lets just say I didn’t leave home for a few hours one Saturday morning.  The natural detox was happening and I was like OMG!  But I knew at that point my body was ridding itself of the toxins I had ingested for the last 20 years.  I started having more energy, sleeping better and actually wanted to visit a man names “gym”.  Next step was their weight loss system.  Again in the last 20+yrs I have been on every program known to man, woman and child.  Needless to say they didn’t work, or maybe it was me.  So I signed up as an associate because who doesn’t want products at 30% discount for life, with no stings?  When I did the first 28 Day Challenge I was pushing 300 lbs.  With no exercise I sent my body a message that I meant business this time around and we were going to say good bye forever to the weight.  I lost 11 lbs and 7 total inches and I was hooked.  I thought to myself, ” this is my product line and my answer to being overweight”.  I found myself not wanting sweets, carbs sugary drinks as much.  Don’t get me wrong I am still breathing and I desire them from time to time but not 3 times a day like before. I also don’t tell myself NO.  If I want it I eat it. But I find myself leaving over 3/4 of whatever it was that I would have inhaled in 3 minutes.  Where I do find myself is at the gym, and  in the stores buying new clothes.

As of today I started my new challenge after being off 6 months with surgery and my SI joint issue. The most amazing news is in this time frame I did not gain any weight back because I stayed on Nutrition and a couple other products the whole time.  I have lost 40 lbs and 3 pant sizes since I started in Aug ’15.  I have 40 more lbs to go and 3 more sizes would be nice.  I am doing this for my family and myself so we can be around for a LONG time together. I currently take 7 supplements and I add in one for inflammation so I don’t have to use a pharmaceutical to take care of pain that flares up when i try to be Superwoman at the gym. So over time as you get healthier and re take the assessment 3-4 times a year based on season you will find yourself taking less supplements.

If you are searching for something to help jump start your healthier life please let me know.  At a minimum we ALL need to be on customized Nutrition.  No where else can you do this short assessment and input all your medical history and lifestyle and it read out the proper supplements for you that will not interfere or counteract each other.  Do you know that too much Beta Carotene in a smoker will increase lung cancer 60%, does the person at the local health/supplement store ask you those questions? Do you know what your B12 is made from in your vitamins?? It’s shocking if yours starts with a “C” go ahead Google it!

I challenge you to take the FREE, HIPAA compliant assessment and get the free information to better your health.  Trust me the time, effort you will spend getting them locally and quality of the supplements are worth every penny.  Appreciate your time and listening and here is the link to get your assessment TODAY!  https://360kingidx.idlife.com/