Have lost your tribe?

Life was great!  Laughing, partying, girls giggling and such.  The days before marriages, jobs, babies, divorces etc.  So why is it that women believe they need to stop doing all this just because of the fore mentioned things?  I mean just because you got married, gave birth you still a woman.  You still need girl time.  There are some things you just can’t tell your husband or significant other.  Things only your “tribe” will understand because for the most part they have been there through it all.  The ups/downs, the job loss, the heartbreaks of a relationship, death and whatever else life has thrown at you.  Stop for one minute right now and think of the person that would drop it all for you and rush to your side as soon as you text or call no questions asked.  Not a family member, but to be real sometimes blood wouldn’t do that for you.  Now back to your “ride or die”  when is the last time you spent quality time with that person?  When is the last time you made them feel appreciated?  When is the last time you didn’t make an excuse to not hang out?  If it’s taking you a minute to think about this then maybe you should pick up the phone and resolve that time lapse.  Cause you never know when you will need them and if they are feeling less important in your life because of a new relationship, job or whatever else is in the way then they might not pick up the phone next time.

I recently rented Girl’s Trip and I confirmed what I already knew, my tribe is gone.  Over the last 10 yrs the tribe has drifted apart and some remained together but didn’t include others.  I can’t tell you the last time the tribe was together as a group for a fun girls night out….. hmm yes I can it was 5-6 yrs ago as FB TimeHop reminded me the other day.  It is not for lack of trying.  I tend to be the one that always made the plans, set the time and place and after a while that got old because it started to be a reason one way or another some couldn’t show up.

Again these blog’s are not a pity party but more a release of frustrations and thinking maybe you reading this can identify and I want you to know you are not alone.  Finding a tribe is really hard and at the age of 47 I don’t think I can invest my time to find a “new” tribe.  If you have a tribe hold tight and love them hard.   I would like to rekindle the old tribe and I am right here as I always am, waiting for the call or invite.  If it doesn’t happen that is ok cause I will take myself to the girl movies, I will take myself to dinner and have a drink cause I love me and I know I can count on me always!tribe.png