Welcome 2018

We did it!  Another year has come and gone and we sit and reflect on all that went on this year and wonder – What did I learn?  What could I have done differently? Why didn’t I take more chances? But do we ask ourselves the most important question………?

How am I going to rock the new year and be the best me I can be?  That is what I am asking myself this year.  I struggled with a bit of depression, grief, uncertainty in my FT job, a drop in business for my Side business and I didn’t get my other side project off the ground like I had hoped.  But I realized that I wasn’t in control of the majority of the things I went through last year. I have to be more aware of what can I control vs The Big Man upstairs.  It all happens in his timing not mine and that my friends is a BIG lesson for all of us to not lose sight of.

How will 2018 look different for me and my family?  Well we have started by making sure we make time for US.  We are looking at family adventures this year instead of expensive gifts or things we don’t need.  Memories vs clutter.  I also am focused to get this side project off the ground as well.  I just need about 2-3 days alone to bang it all out and I will be ready.  Sad thing is its all there just not orderly like I would want it to start out.  I want to grow my IDLife business and I am taking steps to change how I market myself with the product and get more exposure to the right people.  My husband is also starting a side business this year and I want to support him in that adventure as well.  Our daughter has ever changing interests and desires so who knows where we will be focusing for her but I am ok with her doing things in her time not ours.  If she wants to  take a year where she doesn’t do soccer or any other outside activities cool.  If she wants to try 2 new things then awesome!  We have 8 short months and we will have a middle school er and I want time to slow down and enjoy our time with her.

I have goals, not going to call them resolutions and I will not list them on this blog maybe later this week.  That way you can hold me accountable, check in and see how I am doing, cheer me on!

What does 2018 look like for you?2018

Mom Life……. the things we do for our kids

I just returned on Friday afternoon from 28 hrs with 77 5th graders in the woods.  In today’s society our kids are so electronics focused but I must say I was surprised how well they did.

We arrived at camp which is located in our own town but you would have no idea (I didn’t) it was there.  Kids had cabin assignments and we grabbed our gear and chose our bunks, yes bunk beds.  This momma however grabbed a bottom bunk and settled in.  We met at the Flag pole and started our stations.  These stations allowed the kids to learn new skills not only in nature but in real life.  For example we did an adaptations station.  They hid 15 things along a path in the woods and we had to find them.  Interesting thing is almost everyone missed the items that were behind them.  They focused on in front and to the side. When we turned around and walked back the same path we saw the additional items.  The kids enjoyed the exercise for sure.  We did other stations such as team building,  leading a friend that is blindfolded, and learning about what is important in survival as a group.  In the evening they did a 2 mile hike at dusk and then the campfire with s’mores.  To be honest the fire was great but it was so stinkin hot and the mosquitoes were having a field day on the legs and ankles I was ready to clean up and get to bed in the air conditioned cabin…… this was not glamping my any means but it beat sleeping in a tent.

The girls were having fun and enjoying the time talking and a couple even did make up.  Lights out at 10:15, no talking at 10:30.  Most were up and getting ready by 6:45 am.  We cleaned the cabin and took our stuff to the front.  Breakfast time with a cereal bar, and sausage, egg, cheese biscuit.  Then back to the hot morning which by the way was the first day of fall and it was 94 out.  After a morning of team building like working together to get across an area without falling off the blocks. the kids had truly ran out of gas.  The heat was taking its toll on all of us no matter how much water we drank, well water at that.  We gathered after a couple of exercises back at the front for a cleanest cabin award.  I am proud to say our cabin WON!!!!  The girls were so excited to have those bragging rights.

We loaded the buses up, I however drove myself and back to the school we went.  After the kids were accounted for at the school she was released to me and off to get food, shower and me to return to work for about 5 hours.

I would not trade the memories for anything in the world and so thankful I have a FT job that I can take the time off to do those things with her.  I would love nothing more than to grow my Network Marketing Business and the new business I will be launching in October to not worry about time off no matter what is needed for my family.  I will get there just you watch and see!

Embarking on a new business

We finally did it.  I am moving forward with my secondary business and growing another stream of income doing something I am passionate about.

I am starting a meal prep business launching in October is the target.  I have  seen so many of my friends struggle with the other services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and I decided there could be a open door for me here.  Yes I know the market is saturated with these types of services but I want to take a different approach if the client allows me too.

My service will have 3-4 options and they get to choose.  There is the option for us to prep together  in your home, me coming to your home and doing it alone,  I prepare menu, recipes, grocery list and you prep it on your own, or the custom service where we plan what you want.  The first 2 options will be a limit of 15 meals and a hourly minimum and a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  As a secondary offering I will grocery shop for your session as well with a fee plus cost of groceries.  My mission is when I  leave they have the knowledge to be able to do this going forward, maybe they use the menu service or if all else fails I am in their house maybe every 10 days.  We will see.  The pricing was the hard part but when I look at other services out there I think I have priced it fairly and there will be some bonuses along the way.

What are your thoughts?  Would you allow someone in your home to prep your meals for the week?  Would you want to learn alongside them for future prepping alone?  what about having a girls afternoon and prep some basics like 2-3 meals then go home with 3-4 recipes?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.  I am super excited to launch this locally in Indianapolis and US based for the menu basics.  Stay tuned so I can help you and your family eat healthier and stay out of the drive thru’s!Lunches

My Journey……we half way there

Ever heard the saying, ” it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon”?  Well let me tell you I am half way through the marathon and I can hear the crowd at the finish line I just can’t see it yet.

I wore a new outfit today and it is pictured below.  Let me tell you 2 yrs and 53lbs ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.  Form fitted and barely covering my tushy……NO Thank YOU!  But today I felt amazing, beautiful, proud, determined and so many more adjectives but you get the idea.  

When I started the journey August of 2015 I had no idea what was about to happen but what did I have to lose but weight!  I am forever grateful for my friend Kristy for introducing me to the products and for Logan Stout having the business mind to put this on the market that he did, Direct sales.  My #1 mission from day 1 has been to get healthier, show people there are better options, and make money IN THAT ORDER.  I give my discount away all the time and when I do I do not make one red $.01.  I am OK with that because I just want people to be able to change their health for the better.  Don’t get me wrong the money is great and it allows us to do things normally we would have to save for and give up other stuff to have it.  For example we have a debit card that our commissions go onto each Tuesday.  I have let that card sit except for maybe 4 times since December and we are using it for our Vegas vacation for Food & Beverages.  If you have been to Vegas it ain’t cheap anymore but thanks to helping people get healthy and the lack of me not needing every sweet treat on the shelf we have it covered for 5 days and 4 nights.  I love whipping out my paycard with my cute little blue man on it.

If you are looking for an alternative to a healthier you or a spot you can earn residual income and have the extras in life, or maybe retire from your FT job then let me know.  I am building a team of go getters that are ready to change the face of health & wellness one person at a time.  There will be a HUGE announcement coming out of IDLife in 2 weeks so stay tuned.  It is about to ROCK the Direct Sales industry and Health & Wellness!collage of journey.jpg


I know I have been MIA and I apologize for that.  It has been a crazy couple weeks and I just wanted to take a minute and check in here.

Coming off the holidays I was determined to get back in the gym and start making it happen again.  I have been pretty good there and even eating better.  Salads for lunch, more chicken and fish for dinners.  Less sodas each week, and I haven’t really wanted candy too much or chips so that has helped.  Been going to the gym at least 3 days a week sometimes i make it 4-5 but I am happy with 3 for now.  I alternate the days of weights/HIIT training and cardio.  I am starting to see some what I think might be abs but not sure since I have never had them before.  Believe me the pony keg is still under here so no 6 pack yet!  But I do see some fit of clothing differences while the scale sits back and laughs at me not moving at all.  I don’t care about the scale to be honest, I know it will move once i build some muscle.  The previous 40lbs was easy fat loss since there was so much of it.  Now I am in what I like to call “time to do work” phase of my journey.  I am all for the work trust and believe I have come to far to stop or return now.  As one of my fellow group members on FB stated, ” I have released the fat”  When you lose it, that is saying it can be found again.  Well it can be found but not by me!!!

I went to Dallas last weekend for a Leadership weekend for IDLife and it was beyond amazing!  To be surrounded by so many amazing people that have either lost a bunch of weight and became associates to help others, true business people that are making a sizable income doing this FT, or the core leadership staff at our corporate office that wanted to hear what we had to say to make improvements for field operations as well as the customer experience.  The highlight is always to listen to our CEO and founder Logan Stout.  I seriously have heard him speak live and on line more than a couple dozen times and it NEVER GETS OLD!  He inspires you when you thought you were already inspired.

But hanging out with members of our team for a couple of days is beyond words.  We are all over the US – Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and the other associates we talk to all the time as well.  It is like a family reunion when we come together and thanks to Social Media we stay in each others lives no matter what!

But I am back and ready to rock!  What have you been up too? Anything fun and exciting going on in your world?  comment below and let me know where ya from and whats happening!


Product Spotlight – Hydrate

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear Hydrate?  Water right?  We all know plain old water can get boring and then people lose interest even after they add lemons, apples, cucumbers, and whatever else they can throw in the H2O to make it taste good that begins indulging in the sugary drinks and high caffeine that just depletes your body further into dehydration.

What if there was a product that did not contain sugar, made from coconut water, had magnesium, packed with vitamins, replaces electrolytes and wait for it……… tastes amazing!?   I know you probably love to grab the gatorade from the store on the way to sports or right after because your kids love the taste.  But have you looked at the content of the sugars?  Why would you pump your child that is dehydrated from sports activity or from being sick full of a sugary drink?  Oh I know, marketing says its good for you, replaces electrolytes, famous sports stars drink it so it must be good for you, WRONG!!!!!!!!


Does this alarm you?  Yes that is Vitamin Water and Gatorade mixed in with the sodas and monster drinks.  But what you thought was good for you and your kids is not really that much better than a soda.

Hydrate is so delish I can’t stop drinking it.  I used to send the Capri waters to school with my daughter but now we take the mini waters and make up 2 bottles to one packet of Hydrate. I know she is at school ingesting quality hydration products to help her through her day, 4th grade is hard ya know?

The best thing you can do for your body each day is to drink 8 oz of water before you get out of bed.  Now if you like me you wake up having to run to the bathroom.  Ok so put the water by the toilet and drink it after you wash your hands.  This should go down before any sort of caffeine laced drink touches your lips.  You might be surprised that you don’t want it or maybe not as soon as normal.

IDLife Hydrate can be your go to, grab and go hydration replacement starting NOW!  Comes in 3 amazing flavors, Mango Passion, Fruit Punch and the brand new Grape!

Place your order for Hydrate on Scheduled Delivery by Feb 15th and get 30% off your second months order.