Product Spotlight – Hydrate

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear Hydrate?  Water right?  We all know plain old water can get boring and then people lose interest even after they add lemons, apples, cucumbers, and whatever else they can throw in the H2O to make it taste good that begins indulging in the sugary drinks and high caffeine that just depletes your body further into dehydration.

What if there was a product that did not contain sugar, made from coconut water, had magnesium, packed with vitamins, replaces electrolytes and wait for it……… tastes amazing!?   I know you probably love to grab the gatorade from the store on the way to sports or right after because your kids love the taste.  But have you looked at the content of the sugars?  Why would you pump your child that is dehydrated from sports activity or from being sick full of a sugary drink?  Oh I know, marketing says its good for you, replaces electrolytes, famous sports stars drink it so it must be good for you, WRONG!!!!!!!!


Does this alarm you?  Yes that is Vitamin Water and Gatorade mixed in with the sodas and monster drinks.  But what you thought was good for you and your kids is not really that much better than a soda.

Hydrate is so delish I can’t stop drinking it.  I used to send the Capri waters to school with my daughter but now we take the mini waters and make up 2 bottles to one packet of Hydrate. I know she is at school ingesting quality hydration products to help her through her day, 4th grade is hard ya know?

The best thing you can do for your body each day is to drink 8 oz of water before you get out of bed.  Now if you like me you wake up having to run to the bathroom.  Ok so put the water by the toilet and drink it after you wash your hands.  This should go down before any sort of caffeine laced drink touches your lips.  You might be surprised that you don’t want it or maybe not as soon as normal.

IDLife Hydrate can be your go to, grab and go hydration replacement starting NOW!  Comes in 3 amazing flavors, Mango Passion, Fruit Punch and the brand new Grape!

Place your order for Hydrate on Scheduled Delivery by Feb 15th and get 30% off your second months order.


Monday check in, did you indulge yesterday?

How ya feeling today?  Hungover? ate too much of the wrong foods?  Brady won again blues? Dirty Birds blew a 25 point lead against the Patriots frustration? Can you tell I am anti – Patriots?  Yup Colts fan til the end and we all know they have not been our favorite opponent each season, especially after deflate gate.

But here we are into February and I just wanted to see how you were doing?  Keeping your resolutions? lifestyle changes? or have you fallen off the wagon?  I am still going strong with my changes.  Down 5 lbs in January and working it in February to win a competition to work out with Jen Widerstrom in April at our annual IDLife conference.  She is an investor and partner in IDLife and she comes each year does a workout out for those that earn it and then speaks to us.  Last year she brought the Hernandez brothers and Colby!  It was awesome and the brothers are so down to earth and honest.  I didn’t get to meet Colby but I did the brothers, as you see below and later that night we ran into them again while eating dinner and they took pics and chatted with us.  When you see what they went through and how they overcame objections and greater amounts of weight to lose than I have I realize that I can do this and will do it.  Believe my I still have my days and sometimes i fight the demon and other times I have a small amount of whatever the demon is serving me.  Do I enjoy the demon’s servings?  Occasionally but I am starting to get to the point that I am working hard and I don’t want to blow it so I resist the urge and I turn to veggies, apples, nuts or I drink my IDLife Grape hydrate or Mixed Berry Energy to take the craving away.  I would be lost without these products and to think they taste so good and are good for me is crazy!

Did I indulge yesterday during the Super Bowl? Not really.  I ate some veggies and dip and I made sausage/cream cheese pinwheels and I had 2 of those and a small handful of plain chips and drank my water.  Past Super Bowls at our house would have consisted of wings, pigs in a blanket, sausage balls, nacho dip, cheeseball and crackers, veggies and dip and some sort of sweet treat.  Oh and let’s not forget the soda, lots of soda.  The game sent back to a place I haven’t been in a long time and that was emotional eater avenue.  I was so frustrated to see the Falcons blow that lead and send the Pat back home Losers that I went to the kitchen and grabbed a cookie, chips and a soda.  Needless to say I took 2 swigs of soda, ate one cookie and about 6 chips and told my husband to take it away.  While I wasn’t proud that I gave in I was proud I pushed it away and didn’t eat it all.  This is a baby step process and as I say many times I didn’t get to the weight and size I am today overnight and I won’t lose it overnight, over the month, or hell even a year.  I have been on the journey for 1.5 yrs and I had the hiatus from working out for 6 months last year.  The good news is I didn’t gain any weight in that time frame as I stayed on ID Nutrition and the meal replacement shakes, with my hydrate and energy on the side.  Those components helped me continue to be successful and maintain until my body was healthy enough to come back to the gym and workout again.  I am not going to say our products will help you lose weight with no exercise but I can tell you your body will feel better, desire less crappy foods, and thank you while taking the products.

Stay Strong, Look for ways to make small changes.  I think I will add a blog each week of maybe 3 things to change this week to make a better lifestyle for you and your family.  Be on the lookout for those tips!  Have a great week!



Product Spotlight -Protein Bars

Today they arrived!!!!!!! After the Anticipation since late Fall when IDLife announced the new protein bars were coming and all the amazing benefits they each had I was waiting for the day to hear we could order them.  That day arrived about 2 weeks ago and I ordered them as soon as Corp announced they were in stock along with 100’s of other associates.  These bars are something we all search for to find that doesn’t have an after taste, affordable, Organic, Natural, Gluten-Free and no added sugars. I mean we try to eat healthy but those darn drive thru’s just suck your car right off the road sometimes, don’t they?    We search for that item that we can throw in our purse, backpack, a diaper bag or a briefcase for on the go nutrition when you are running from here to there. Well today my family and I found it!!!!!!!

Here are my thoughts below along with some co workers thoughts and my family!

Protein bar – Chocolate and Peanut Butter Flavor. They have a good texture and are not overly peanut buttery which I enjoyed.  The Chocolate was also subtle but helped curb a craving if needed. The bar had a very natural appearance and you could tell it didn’t contain any preservatives and added sugars.  This bar was the favorite amongst my 2 co workers and family.  It contains 20g of protein which is awesome for after workouts or for a grab and go snack!

Snack bar – Chocolate and Almond flavor.  This was my Favorite bar because it gave me the sweet, nutty and salty factor that I crave when watching calories.  Using nuts as a snack all the time can get boring and this will allow me to get a subtle chocolate flavor with the nuts to cut the crave.  This bar contains 10g of protein.  Don’t get me wrong this is not a replacement for Snickers or Hershey’s Almond bar but it will work for sure when looking for the natural alternative. Second favorite amongst co workers and family.  Good news is this bar was my favorite so no fighting for it 🙂

Kids bar – Chocolate and Mixed Berry.  This bar has the super sweet berry factor which kids will love.  My daughter liked it as it was her first bar, I was surprised since she doesn’t eat berries like I do.  It for sure had the sweet and tart factor  mixed for a refreshing change on protein bars.  My Co workers weren’t as fond of it, same for my husband.  I have to agree this is a bar that will appeal to the kids because they will swear you let them have something “bad” for them.  Meanwhile you will sit back and smile knowing they are getting an amazing source of protein, 10g to be exact, no added sugars, all natural and organic.  One of the best things about this bar is- Your kids can take them to school, they are NUT FREE!!

protein bars trio.JPG

I highly encourage you to get your orders placed today!