Hey all!

I have been M.I.A. and I apologize.  I am preparing content to bring to you in the coming weeks.

Please stay tuned and get ready for a load of information from topics such as health, meal prep tips, exercise tips, beauty tips, apparel, family, and so much more.

If you want to hear about something from my perspective then comment below and I will do my best to cover it.

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My Journey……we half way there

Ever heard the saying, ” it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon”?  Well let me tell you I am half way through the marathon and I can hear the crowd at the finish line I just can’t see it yet.

I wore a new outfit today and it is pictured below.  Let me tell you 2 yrs and 53lbs ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.  Form fitted and barely covering my tushy……NO Thank YOU!  But today I felt amazing, beautiful, proud, determined and so many more adjectives but you get the idea.  

When I started the journey August of 2015 I had no idea what was about to happen but what did I have to lose but weight!  I am forever grateful for my friend Kristy for introducing me to the products and for Logan Stout having the business mind to put this on the market that he did, Direct sales.  My #1 mission from day 1 has been to get healthier, show people there are better options, and make money IN THAT ORDER.  I give my discount away all the time and when I do I do not make one red $.01.  I am OK with that because I just want people to be able to change their health for the better.  Don’t get me wrong the money is great and it allows us to do things normally we would have to save for and give up other stuff to have it.  For example we have a debit card that our commissions go onto each Tuesday.  I have let that card sit except for maybe 4 times since December and we are using it for our Vegas vacation for Food & Beverages.  If you have been to Vegas it ain’t cheap anymore but thanks to helping people get healthy and the lack of me not needing every sweet treat on the shelf we have it covered for 5 days and 4 nights.  I love whipping out my paycard with my cute little blue man on it.

If you are looking for an alternative to a healthier you or a spot you can earn residual income and have the extras in life, or maybe retire from your FT job then let me know.  I am building a team of go getters that are ready to change the face of health & wellness one person at a time.  There will be a HUGE announcement coming out of IDLife in 2 weeks so stay tuned.  It is about to ROCK the Direct Sales industry and Health & Wellness!collage of journey.jpg

Money saving tips with Food

Hey guys!  Long time no chat.  Life has been a bit crazy and hectic with spring break, now soccer is starting.  So I needed to get this out to you to help with crazy life styles like ours.  Hope you find something useful and share the blog with someone else on social media!

I make a meal replacement shake everyday, typically in the morning but sometimes lunch or dinner.  In that shake I add 4-6 medium size frozen strawberries.  Well if you look in the freezer section a bag of frozen berries is like $5.  What I do is when they are running strawberries on special like 2/$4 or 3/$5 I grab as many as I can and take them home rinse, cut the stems and sometimes cut in half and place in a gallon freezer bag.  This saves so much money and you control that there is no preservatives in that frozen bag.  I do the same thing with blueberries as our puppy loves these as a treat.

Do you have bananas on your counter going bad?  Peel them and cut in half throw them in the freezer too.  Now you didn’t throw away the banana to go buy new and you still can use in your shakes!

Now for the GREENS!!!  I typically from time to time will buy spinach and kale to throw in to the shakes but not all the time.  Since greens go bad fairly quickly and I love a cold not watered down shake (no ice added for me) here is something that will save the Greens.  Take the greens and put in your blender with a little bit of water.  Blend up as you would a shake consistency.  Now pour the mixture into a muffin pan filling it up half way.  Freeze and when solid pop out the hockey puck of greens from the muffin tray and into a freezer bag.  Now you have frozen greens when you want them for your shakes!

Another tip I do almost weekly is with meats.  You know if you go early in the morning they are marking meats down.  Grab the ground beef, turkey, chicken whatever you like and take it home, brown it up you can even season it for specific things like spaghetti, Sloppy joes, Mexican dishes etc.  Label your freezer bag with the name of what the meat will be used for – Tacos or Spaghetti.  Then divide up and let it cool with the bag open.  Once cooled completely then close it up with no air and lay flat for best storage in your freezer. Chicken cut in cubes is also great and quick to cook up in a hurry.  Finding whole chickens on sale is a bonus too cause I boil it up and shred it and place in baggies for quesadilla’s or for the puppy, yes she is spolied!  Now when you get home after work, or sports and forgot to pull something out you can pop this in the microwave to defrost while kids are doing homework or showers and dinner on the table in under 30 mins.

Green, red, or yellow peppers along with onion they run these on special all the time in the grocery.  Buy them up and cut into slices like for stir fry dishes then place in baggies per dish.  So you grab one bag throw it with some meat and make some rice and BAM dinner is served  You can also add meat and a marinade to this bag and its all in one bag when you are ready to cook.

hope these tips helped you and as I come up with more I will share.  But I would love for you to share with me one of your money/time saving tips with food below!

Have a great day!

Day 1 for $1000

Today is Day 1 for my next 30 day challenge with IDLife.  Each month since January IDLife has sponsored a transformation challenge.  Top male and female wins a $1000.  In February they added the Top 5 would win a workout with Jen Widerstrom from the Biggest Loser and also an IDLife investor.  I set this as my goal and on March 10th the winners were announced…… My name was the second one to be called!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you the emotions I went through, first I was like what is that my pic, then I was like wait a minute that is my picture, then I wanted to rewind the video but it was a FaceBook Live so I had to wait until it was over to watch it again!  I started crying when it hit me that I had achieved the goal I sat out to hit on February 1st.  I believed in myself and so many around me did as well and I couldn’t believe we had achieved it!  At that moment I knew exactly what would be next, set the goal to win the $1000 in March.  I have 38 lbs left to hit my ultimate weight loss goal of 88 lbs.  I will achieve it this year and maybe even by my 47th birthday in June.  But if not by June I will not beat myself up and I will continue down the journey.  The weight didn’t come on over night and won’t be released overnight.

So today is Day 1 for the new challenge and I spent all of Sunday doing meal prep and making sure my excuses were covered, meaning there is no way I can order pizza, or run through a drive thru because I didn’t plan lunch or dinner.  Breakfast is covered with my IDLife meal replacement shake. With all the standing at the counter and stove yesterday I think I aggravated my SI joint so I was hurting a bit.  I am hitting the gym tonight to work out this SI pain it will be some light bike work but I will achieve what needs to happen.


Sorry for the hiatus

Hey everyone!

I took some time off from blogging and was working on the business, FT job and home!  But I am back and ready to start in again talking about REAL life events.  What has been going on with you?

Here are some funny highlights of what has been happening in the last month or so with me and my family.

  • I went to Dallas for a leadership weekend with IDLife and it was awesome!!!
  • I did a weight loss challenge in February and released 7 lbs and 8 inches!  Part of my motivation this month was to earn the workout with Jen Widerstrom in April.  She is an investor with IDLife and is doing a private workout for those that earn it! Stay tuned winners announced March 10th at 4pm ET.
  • Our daughter is acting 16 when she is 10 1/2 Lord help me here!
  • Working on earning a trip to Secrets Maroma in May.  If you need IDLife product Please let me know all orders by end of March count!
  • Planning our annual Vegas trip getaway for my birthday, so excited!  wasn’t sure it was happening this year but it worked out.
  • My husband acquired a long desired Star Wars item this month!  he is my second kid 🙂
  • Planning a long weekend getaway for Spring Break.
  • Planning some spring cleaning on the other end of Spring Break!  I will be focused and complete it.
  • Molly the dog is still cute as ever except that one Sunday morning she decided to poop and pee all over her crate and we woke up to that.  First time since we got her and we didn’t even sleep in that morning….that was fun NOT
  • Preparing for IDLife annual convention in April and super excited to see my family!!!
  • Finishing up my 2nd year as PTO president and I can say that I am proud i stuck it out this year but will be glad when May gets here.

I think that sums up the last month for us in our household.  What about you?

Stay tuned for more regular blogs and fun antics from my and my family!!!


I know I have been MIA and I apologize for that.  It has been a crazy couple weeks and I just wanted to take a minute and check in here.

Coming off the holidays I was determined to get back in the gym and start making it happen again.  I have been pretty good there and even eating better.  Salads for lunch, more chicken and fish for dinners.  Less sodas each week, and I haven’t really wanted candy too much or chips so that has helped.  Been going to the gym at least 3 days a week sometimes i make it 4-5 but I am happy with 3 for now.  I alternate the days of weights/HIIT training and cardio.  I am starting to see some what I think might be abs but not sure since I have never had them before.  Believe me the pony keg is still under here so no 6 pack yet!  But I do see some fit of clothing differences while the scale sits back and laughs at me not moving at all.  I don’t care about the scale to be honest, I know it will move once i build some muscle.  The previous 40lbs was easy fat loss since there was so much of it.  Now I am in what I like to call “time to do work” phase of my journey.  I am all for the work trust and believe I have come to far to stop or return now.  As one of my fellow group members on FB stated, ” I have released the fat”  When you lose it, that is saying it can be found again.  Well it can be found but not by me!!!

I went to Dallas last weekend for a Leadership weekend for IDLife and it was beyond amazing!  To be surrounded by so many amazing people that have either lost a bunch of weight and became associates to help others, true business people that are making a sizable income doing this FT, or the core leadership staff at our corporate office that wanted to hear what we had to say to make improvements for field operations as well as the customer experience.  The highlight is always to listen to our CEO and founder Logan Stout.  I seriously have heard him speak live and on line more than a couple dozen times and it NEVER GETS OLD!  He inspires you when you thought you were already inspired.

But hanging out with members of our team for a couple of days is beyond words.  We are all over the US – Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and the other associates we talk to all the time as well.  It is like a family reunion when we come together and thanks to Social Media we stay in each others lives no matter what!

But I am back and ready to rock!  What have you been up too? Anything fun and exciting going on in your world?  comment below and let me know where ya from and whats happening!


Product Spotlight – Hydrate

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear Hydrate?  Water right?  We all know plain old water can get boring and then people lose interest even after they add lemons, apples, cucumbers, and whatever else they can throw in the H2O to make it taste good that begins indulging in the sugary drinks and high caffeine that just depletes your body further into dehydration.

What if there was a product that did not contain sugar, made from coconut water, had magnesium, packed with vitamins, replaces electrolytes and wait for it……… tastes amazing!?   I know you probably love to grab the gatorade from the store on the way to sports or right after because your kids love the taste.  But have you looked at the content of the sugars?  Why would you pump your child that is dehydrated from sports activity or from being sick full of a sugary drink?  Oh I know, marketing says its good for you, replaces electrolytes, famous sports stars drink it so it must be good for you, WRONG!!!!!!!!


Does this alarm you?  Yes that is Vitamin Water and Gatorade mixed in with the sodas and monster drinks.  But what you thought was good for you and your kids is not really that much better than a soda.

Hydrate is so delish I can’t stop drinking it.  I used to send the Capri waters to school with my daughter but now we take the mini waters and make up 2 bottles to one packet of Hydrate. I know she is at school ingesting quality hydration products to help her through her day, 4th grade is hard ya know?

The best thing you can do for your body each day is to drink 8 oz of water before you get out of bed.  Now if you like me you wake up having to run to the bathroom.  Ok so put the water by the toilet and drink it after you wash your hands.  This should go down before any sort of caffeine laced drink touches your lips.  You might be surprised that you don’t want it or maybe not as soon as normal.

IDLife Hydrate can be your go to, grab and go hydration replacement starting NOW!  Comes in 3 amazing flavors, Mango Passion, Fruit Punch and the brand new Grape!

Place your order for Hydrate on Scheduled Delivery by Feb 15th and get 30% off your second months order.