Welcome 2018

We did it!  Another year has come and gone and we sit and reflect on all that went on this year and wonder – What did I learn?  What could I have done differently? Why didn’t I take more chances? But do we ask ourselves the most important question………?

How am I going to rock the new year and be the best me I can be?  That is what I am asking myself this year.  I struggled with a bit of depression, grief, uncertainty in my FT job, a drop in business for my Side business and I didn’t get my other side project off the ground like I had hoped.  But I realized that I wasn’t in control of the majority of the things I went through last year. I have to be more aware of what can I control vs The Big Man upstairs.  It all happens in his timing not mine and that my friends is a BIG lesson for all of us to not lose sight of.

How will 2018 look different for me and my family?  Well we have started by making sure we make time for US.  We are looking at family adventures this year instead of expensive gifts or things we don’t need.  Memories vs clutter.  I also am focused to get this side project off the ground as well.  I just need about 2-3 days alone to bang it all out and I will be ready.  Sad thing is its all there just not orderly like I would want it to start out.  I want to grow my IDLife business and I am taking steps to change how I market myself with the product and get more exposure to the right people.  My husband is also starting a side business this year and I want to support him in that adventure as well.  Our daughter has ever changing interests and desires so who knows where we will be focusing for her but I am ok with her doing things in her time not ours.  If she wants to  take a year where she doesn’t do soccer or any other outside activities cool.  If she wants to try 2 new things then awesome!  We have 8 short months and we will have a middle school er and I want time to slow down and enjoy our time with her.

I have goals, not going to call them resolutions and I will not list them on this blog maybe later this week.  That way you can hold me accountable, check in and see how I am doing, cheer me on!

What does 2018 look like for you?2018

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