How to effectively Time Manage

I don’t know about you but that is my strength and always has been.  But I am curious, how do you time manage? Do you do it well? Are you horrible and wish you could be better?

For me personally I find the old fashion method of lists to be the best method.  For some they have to write it out (this is usually me), others have went millennial method and found an app for that (that is my husband) and then there are others that find the “wingin it” method to be best (that is our daughter).  This last method can also be called the “eh if I wait long enough someone will do it for me”.  So then I revert to my method and add it to the list for me to do.

I know when a long weekend is approaching or a staycation is coming up I tend to make the ABCDE list (pictured below).  This allows me to pick and choose how I manage my time once the A/B’s are done.  But I have to make sure my team is in place for the D list as well.  I find myself marking things to the E list because of time, resources, or pure “i want to chill” moments.  Adulting is hard sometimes and I yearn for the days to have no responsibilities but my school grades and the occasional pick up my room/ house.

This week has been an OMG moment for me and my time.  The work week was a short one thanks to the holiday.  Then it was crazy at work and so my 8 hour days flew by.  Then come home and prepare for a garage sale over the weekend.  I have had the stuff in bags for a couple months but setting it all on tables, pricing didn’t happen I just told them as they asked or were looking at stuff.  Then as the Friday arrived I was like geesh i need to pack for Vegas since we leave Wednesday, Pack our daughters clothes as she is staying with a friend while we are gone, and also pack for the 5th grade sleepover which is 3 days after we return from Vegas.  I have found in my last 3 trips that having the suitcases packed and ready to walk out the door at least 3-4 days prior helps the stress levels leading up to the trip.  So we had a quick dinner date Saturday night and came home and knocked out the Vegas packing.  I told my husband what he needed and he went to the closet and came back with his clothes for each day ready to be packed.  That was a huge help and I am so appreciative for his help.  I just have my briefcase and toiletries I use until we leave to throw in the bag last minute. Laundry was started and we will have her clothes ready by Monday night.  As for the 5th grade overnight that might be when I get back,  its only 1 night so not much needed.

This week my time is pretty limited as we have soccer Monday night, Tuesday we are all home and Wednesday we leave.  So my dinners are going to be quick no fuss meals and no leftovers.  Which reminds me we will be doing some blogs on meal preps and such as we launch the new business, so stay tuned for those.

So I ask you which one are you- list maker, app user, or Wait for someone else to do it for you?  Comment below and let me see what the most popular method out there is today.  If you have a new method please share that too.

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