I know I have been MIA and I apologize for that.  It has been a crazy couple weeks and I just wanted to take a minute and check in here.

Coming off the holidays I was determined to get back in the gym and start making it happen again.  I have been pretty good there and even eating better.  Salads for lunch, more chicken and fish for dinners.  Less sodas each week, and I haven’t really wanted candy too much or chips so that has helped.  Been going to the gym at least 3 days a week sometimes i make it 4-5 but I am happy with 3 for now.  I alternate the days of weights/HIIT training and cardio.  I am starting to see some what I think might be abs but not sure since I have never had them before.  Believe me the pony keg is still under here so no 6 pack yet!  But I do see some fit of clothing differences while the scale sits back and laughs at me not moving at all.  I don’t care about the scale to be honest, I know it will move once i build some muscle.  The previous 40lbs was easy fat loss since there was so much of it.  Now I am in what I like to call “time to do work” phase of my journey.  I am all for the work trust and believe I have come to far to stop or return now.  As one of my fellow group members on FB stated, ” I have released the fat”  When you lose it, that is saying it can be found again.  Well it can be found but not by me!!!

I went to Dallas last weekend for a Leadership weekend for IDLife and it was beyond amazing!  To be surrounded by so many amazing people that have either lost a bunch of weight and became associates to help others, true business people that are making a sizable income doing this FT, or the core leadership staff at our corporate office that wanted to hear what we had to say to make improvements for field operations as well as the customer experience.  The highlight is always to listen to our CEO and founder Logan Stout.  I seriously have heard him speak live and on line more than a couple dozen times and it NEVER GETS OLD!  He inspires you when you thought you were already inspired.

But hanging out with members of our team for a couple of days is beyond words.  We are all over the US – Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and the other associates we talk to all the time as well.  It is like a family reunion when we come together and thanks to Social Media we stay in each others lives no matter what!

But I am back and ready to rock!  What have you been up too? Anything fun and exciting going on in your world?  comment below and let me know where ya from and whats happening!


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