Product Spotlight -Protein Bars

Today they arrived!!!!!!! After the Anticipation since late Fall when IDLife announced the new protein bars were coming and all the amazing benefits they each had I was waiting for the day to hear we could order them.  That day arrived about 2 weeks ago and I ordered them as soon as Corp announced they were in stock along with 100’s of other associates.  These bars are something we all search for to find that doesn’t have an after taste, affordable, Organic, Natural, Gluten-Free and no added sugars. I mean we try to eat healthy but those darn drive thru’s just suck your car right off the road sometimes, don’t they?    We search for that item that we can throw in our purse, backpack, a diaper bag or a briefcase for on the go nutrition when you are running from here to there. Well today my family and I found it!!!!!!!

Here are my thoughts below along with some co workers thoughts and my family!

Protein bar – Chocolate and Peanut Butter Flavor. They have a good texture and are not overly peanut buttery which I enjoyed.  The Chocolate was also subtle but helped curb a craving if needed. The bar had a very natural appearance and you could tell it didn’t contain any preservatives and added sugars.  This bar was the favorite amongst my 2 co workers and family.  It contains 20g of protein which is awesome for after workouts or for a grab and go snack!

Snack bar – Chocolate and Almond flavor.  This was my Favorite bar because it gave me the sweet, nutty and salty factor that I crave when watching calories.  Using nuts as a snack all the time can get boring and this will allow me to get a subtle chocolate flavor with the nuts to cut the crave.  This bar contains 10g of protein.  Don’t get me wrong this is not a replacement for Snickers or Hershey’s Almond bar but it will work for sure when looking for the natural alternative. Second favorite amongst co workers and family.  Good news is this bar was my favorite so no fighting for it 🙂

Kids bar – Chocolate and Mixed Berry.  This bar has the super sweet berry factor which kids will love.  My daughter liked it as it was her first bar, I was surprised since she doesn’t eat berries like I do.  It for sure had the sweet and tart factor  mixed for a refreshing change on protein bars.  My Co workers weren’t as fond of it, same for my husband.  I have to agree this is a bar that will appeal to the kids because they will swear you let them have something “bad” for them.  Meanwhile you will sit back and smile knowing they are getting an amazing source of protein, 10g to be exact, no added sugars, all natural and organic.  One of the best things about this bar is- Your kids can take them to school, they are NUT FREE!!

protein bars trio.JPG

I highly encourage you to get your orders placed today!


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