Product Spotlight Wednesday

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I have been working on this blog and trying to get rolling and changing up formats of writing.  I have mentioned IDLife products here and there but each week I will highlight a product and what it has done for me as well as highlights from each product to see if it right for you.  I welcome all questions and inquiries about the products.

** disclaimer that I must legally post – IDLife doesn’t not prevent or cure any illnesses or diseases.

So I am going to start with the foundation of IDLife, customized nutrition.  All the health and wellness companies out there in direct sales have shakes, energy, metabolism boosters etc.  However NO ONE has customized nutrition like IDLife.  Many are trying out there but as I see new ones pop up I go take their assessment and just laugh at the results or the difficulty to purchase the recommended products.

We are all told to take multi vitamins and to head to the local store to pick on up.  Some people think they need to spend more money and go to the “nutrition stores” because its better as they are a Nutrition store.  Well as we like to say “ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL”.  At IDLife we have a 5-7 minute health assessment that you take online in the privacy of your own home and it is 100% HIPAA compliant.  It takes into account all your medical history, medications, conditions that you experience but not have a formal diagnosis.  For example I recently had an issue with my SI joint and the first thing the doctor did was prescribe me an anti- inflammatory.  Do you know what I did next?  Yes I filled the script because i was in so much pain I could barely walk or move in bed, but I immediately went to my health assessment and added in joint pain and BAM it put anti- inflammatory as part of my nutrition add on. I added  it and the next shipment contained it in my daily supplement pack.  Now I am taking a natural option versus a synthetic, pharmaceutical.   We recommend that you take the assessment every 3-4 months as the seasons change so does your daily routine.  When we aren’t outside as much we need more vitamin D.  Also as you get healthier by changing habits and taking the nutrition some people have went to the doctor and been taken off of preventive meds.  When that happens you need to tell the health assessment so it can adjust your supplements. Something that I learned when I started down the path with my journey is the medications your doctor is prescribing for you is also depriving your body of nutrients that are so badly needed.  That is why our health assessment is like no other.  The assessment replaces what is being deprived and also won’t cause interactions for other meds and conditions.  Here is a staggering statistic, someone that smokes and takes too much beta carotene has a 65% greater chance of lung cancer. say what???  Does the person working at the Nutrition store ask these questions?  Do they ask you what medications you are taking?  Do they hand pick your supplements and then tell you which ones to take at which time of day?  The answer is NO and if you said YES beware as they are not doctors or using medical journal research to tell you the answer.  IDLife takes all the guess work out of it for you.  There are more than 3,500 medical based research journals that use over a million algorithms to do your customized nutrition packets.

Next question you are probably thinking is, ” Is this expensive”?  So the question I ask you is, ” what is your health worth”?  To be honest most peoples supplements is less than $3/day.  So if you were feeding your body the right stuff at the right time of day then you won’t have the cravings for the Starbucks, or fast food drive thru’s on the daily basis. Think about how much you spend in a month on those things.  Could you take that money for 30 days and try out something that is a money back guarantee? Remember sometimes 30 days is not enough as it took you longer than 30 days to get where you are today.

I started IDNutrition in August 2015 and like many of us I did not take any vitamins at all.  I was severely obese and needed to get healthy.  I got my first shipment of Nutrition and like all diets, lifestyle changes etc I was excited this was going to be the answer for me.  I started taking the supplements each morning and evening as directed.  One week went by and nothing.  I was like great this isn’t going to work.  At the end of week 2 I started to notice my sleeping was better and then IT happened.  What is IT?  The natural detox happened.  I woke up on Saturday morning and went to the restroom and was like ok.  An hour later I went back and I was thinking am I coming down with the flu? did I eat something wrong? Oh yea I ate something wrong………..for the last 25 yrs.  My body was finally purging the nasty stuff out and cleansing naturally what my body did not need.  It only last about 6 hours and then I felt great.  I noticed I wasn’t craving as much sweets or carbs as before.  Week 3 I had more energy, still sleeping a good 7 hours a night compared to 4-5 hours prior.  I was at the end of my first month and with the way I felt I wanted to try the weight loss system too.  Because if I felt this good with some supplements imagine what the weight loss system designed by Jen Widerstrom from The Biggest Loser could do for me.  I will save that story for the next product spotlight, so come back next week!

Here is a short video from the Formulator and creator Dr. Paul Sullivan

You can take your FREE, HIPAA compliant health assessment here and if you have questions please reach out to me.

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