Am I ready for this??

Here comes a couple of real life mom moments and you might want to grab a tissue as I have experienced a couple emotions that shouldn’t have happened for 2 more years at least, or so I thought!

So yesterday my husband and daughter hit the mall in search of a POP (those figurines that are all the rage and taking over my house).  Hot Topic is the place to look so they went in search of the Holy Grail…lol  About 30 mins later I get a text from my 10yr old daughter asking” what size do I wear in juniors for skinny jeans”?  I responded, ” I don’t know you will need to try on but probably the smallest size”.  Now rewind last March when we were in Nashville at the age of 9 she tried on some ripped skinny jeans in the smallest size at the store and they were way to big in the waist, whewwwwwww dodged that bullet.  30 more minutes go by and I get a text about some earrings and double piercing her ears.  I tell her we need to wait, she needs a special earring etc.  I will rewind about 4 yrs ago she wanted to pierce her ears before her grandpa’s wedding that she was the flower girl in so we said, ok.  Well let me tell you after 15 mins prepping the first ear, doing paperwork etc at Claire’s in the mall the first one went in and you would have thought we stabbed her in the heart not the ear lobe.  The whole mall heard her screaming and crying.  She was a hot sweaty mess, I was upset/frustrated as well.  My husband on the other hand was holding the front of tough love telling a 6 yr old you chose this now finish it.  We attempted to do the second ear with me holding her, that didn’t work.  He held her and almost ended up with his own piercing.  The lady doing the piercing seemed timid and fearful of ripping her ear and I appreciate that but c’mon you do this everyday have some trick or balls to get it done.  After 55 mins since the first pierce the manager came back from lunch/bank run and walked up to the piercing station, looked at our daughter as she sterilized her hands and said, ” we are going to get this done so you can be on your way”. in about 20 seconds she grabbed her lobe and snap in the other earring went.  A few more tears but nothing like the first time and we were on our way.  Over the next year or so she struggled with infections and came to the realization she cannot have anything but 10K and above in her ears.  My mom gave her some good earrings and we changed them out (a whole other ordeal as she thought it would hurt just like the piercing) and every since no issues.  I wasn’t ready for that again but she is a very determined young lady.  I get a phone call saying they are on their way home, no ears pierced…..whew!

After she ate lunch she comes down the hall to my room and says to her dad, “these fit good”.  I was like what are those?  She informed me they are size 0 jeans from Hot Topic.  They fit her perfect.  I actually got misty eyed at that moment as it hit me we have outgrown Children’s Place, soon to outgrow Justice (even though her entire wardrobe for Christmas was Justice) and she is moving on the trendy stores for pre-teens and teens alike.  How did this happen?  Where did my baby go? The baby that is so tall we have to buy jeans 2 sizes big to fit her length and therefore the adjustable waists are perfect.  Hot Topic DOES NOT have adjustable waists people!!!!!!!!  That one took me by surprise and I was not prepared.  I was sure I had another year at least before I was going to be out of options at the “girls stores”.

Today we hit an outlet mall and guess what was in the mall, Claire.  You see where I am going huh?  So she shows me some of the cheaper earrings she was looking at last night and I was like “honey I don’t think those will work”.  I could see the disappointment on her face.  I wandered up to the piercing station to look at the choices and she was determined to get a “diamond” stud like mine.  I looked at her and said, ” are you sure you are ready”? and without hesitation she said “YES I AM”  I looked at the lady working and said, ” let’s pierce her up”.  She was so excited but i saw the nerves set in as i filled out the paperwork. I kept asking are you sure?  She always responded yes.  The lady marked her ears with the purple dot, showed her in the mirror to make sure she liked it and then loaded up the gun.  I held her hand and said, ” don’t move and squeeze as much as you need to”  BAM it went in and at first nothing, then she got the ugly cry look and tears started to flow down.  I said “we are half way done you can do it”!  She took a deep breath and the lady went to the other side loaded up and BAM!  ALL DONE!  To be honest I stood there in awe of her reflecting on 4 yrs priors experience and how this was way different.  She walked out of there like a BOSS and was smiling from ear to ear.  She knew she accomplished a fear and to be honest she is one of the first in her class to get a second piercing.  I can’t wait to hear about what everyone says tomorrow at school.

She is already going the makeup route so that is out of the way.  She actually does eye make up better than most grown women.  I told her that her first job could be at MAC or Sephora.  She got excited.

So what is next for my journey with a pre teen?  yes I know her “THAT” will be here sooner than it was for me her pediatrician has already warned me most likely by 11.

Wish us luck, I am sure this is not the last tween post!



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