Sunday – it’s a love hate relationship

Here we are the end to another weekend filled with household chores, family time and relaxation.  Wait, what?  Relaxation?  I missed that part this weekend.  I long for the days again to just lay around with a book and read.  I did however catch up on 2 TV shows on DVR!  I also made it to the gym this morning and did some Fasting Cardio on the treadmill with 30 mins. of interval training and one rotation of upper arms with 2.5 lb weights, ropes and abs.

I meal prepped this weekend to help stay on track of the journey at hand and I made the following:

  • 3 bags of Chicken lettuce wraps mixture
  • 1 bag of beef stir fry
  • 3 bags of split chicken breasts for parm. crusted chicken or another baked chicken varities
  • 2 bags of chicken strips to grill or fry for salads
  • 1 bag of boiled chicken legs for the dog – yes she is spoiled
  • a dozen hard boiled eggs for snacks each day
  • tomorrow I will cook up some ground chuck for a casserole in the crock pot Tuesday
  • pork chops and sweet potato chips with a salad for dinner tomorrow night

This should last us a couple weeks with a beef night thrown in with already bagged hamburger in the freezer as well as salmon and shrimp in the freezer too. I am on operation clean out the freezer and start fresh in February.  I am investigating the Insta Pot as well.  I have seen several friends cooking their meals lately with it and I am curious.  I love my crockpot/slow cooker but the Insta Pot is very intriguing.  However they remain sold out at Wal Mart so I might have to get it off Amazon!  Do you have the Insta Pot and if so please comment below your review, I am curious!

Good news is laundry and house work can be finished tomorrow as we are all off!  So tonight I will sit back and probably fall asleep before 10:30pm.  Nite all!

1-15-16 cardio.jpg


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