I Did it!

I made it to the gym last night and did the workout I posted plus 2 miles on the bike.

I was worried I would be sore and not able to lift my arms as I could feel some ache setting in around bedtime last night.  But as I woke up this morning I didn’t feel anything and I know it was my IDLIFE Post Workout that I drank when I got home that helped me recover last night.  I can also tell you I didn’t go crazy I used 2.5 lb dumbbells and did 40 seconds per rotation, 3x.  I was mad because I was going to do 3 rotations on the ropes and totally spaced it.  Oh well next time!

Tonight I will hit the treadmill and see if I can get some good interval training going for 45 minutes and really sweat.  As you see by the picture I am not sweating enough here, this was pre bike.  But to be honest I didn’t have to sweat to feel like I worked out.  Walking in the gym was the BIG step for me and I DID IT!  We all have to get that first time going and then it is all uphill from there.   Now I am starting to get the “junkie” feeling again and I need a fix tonight so treadmill it is!  I also have talked to another mom and we are going to meet at the gym 3x a week at 6:15 am for fasting cardio.  I know this will help boost my plateau and take me to the next 10 lbs gone!

I am so excited!!!!!   What was your movement today?  Comment below.


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