Yup I am hitting the gym and I need accountability.  So if you do not see my blog tonight with a sweaty pic then call me out, PLEASE!

This creeping crud in my head I think is at the tail end of a sinus infection and I am NOT using it as an excuse any longer.  I am drinking my IDLife Energy and Hydrate right now (Double Delight is what I call it) to replace electrolytes and give me a boost to carry my butt over there.

The below is from IDLife partner, Celebrity Trainer and Biggest Loser trainer, Jen Widerstrom and her 12 Day Challenge!

10 mins of warm up stretches from therapy and 3 mins on the bike

Using 5 lbs weights cause I don’t want to pull nothing first night back. 3 sets 40 sec each with 20 sec rest.

  • Floor Bench
  • Floor Flys
  • Pull throughs
  • Close Grip bench
  • Weighted low abs

What exercise did you do today?   Share below as I am always looking for new ideas.



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