1 week in to 2017

How’s it going?  Started and stopped any resolutions yet?  If so what were they and why did you stop?

Well the new year is not starting out the way i pictured it.  I have a goal to lose another 40 lbs at least and I prepped food and got my mind right on NY Day and Jan 2nd it hit……… not the dreaded flu thank God but this scratching throat, sinus pressure, that turned into drainage and more throat soreness.  But I see the silver lining and it appears that this week I will be back reunited with my long lost love “gym”

I am super excited as I have some routines to start with in the gym to break up the 45 minute intervals on treadmill for my cardio. I have “new” tunes on my phone that I never realized were there that my loving husband loaded a couple years ago when he made me a workout playlist.  So I am super pumped to have new old music and some routines to keep me moving forward on my journey.

So given this week of no exercise again I stuck with my customized vitamins and meal replacement shake and hydrate or energy from IDLife daily.  The good news, No weight gain or loss this week.  You are thinking how is no weight loss good news?  Well considering for 3 out of 8 days in this new year I didn’t even get out of my Pj’s and either worked from home or laid in bed taking any and all cold meds to break it up and out of my body quickly.  I wasn’t eating properly because half the time I couldn’t taste anything and the other half I couldn’t breathe or swallow without difficulty.

Love to hear your resolutions or lifestyle changes below.  Here is to week #2 and moving forward!!!!  I like to think of Tomorrow as Day 1.


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