Healthy Simplified

What does that mean to you?  What is your ideal system to get healthy?  We all know there are no magic potions, pills or powders out there, right?

I have been using a product line for about 17 months now and I am here to tell you this is the real deal.   It is a simplified system that 3 mins a day with 3 simple steps will help get you on the right track.

I started in August of 2015 after I lost my mother.  I had to get healthy and I was committed to whatever it would take.  I had a friend and mentor with a former jewelry company that was posting these intriguing posts about getting healthy, lose weight blah blah blah.  I had recently been using another product line and let me tell you it was on the path to killing me, literally.  My blood pressure went to stroke levels and I was like enough.

I inquired to my friend about the products and she gave me advice to start with the customized nutrition.  Now outside of the 9 months I was pregnant I have never taken vitamins in my adult life.  But I was willing to try with a 30 Day money back guarantee.  I did the online assessment, and waited for my packets to come.  They are pre-labeled and portioned out so no thinking on my part just tear it off and swallow. When I started I was taking 11 capsules a day total.  I had to break up my nightly packets as it was 7 at night. Fast Forward 2.5 weeks into the nutrition and ummm lets just say I didn’t leave home for a few hours one Saturday morning.  The natural detox was happening and I was like OMG!  But I knew at that point my body was ridding itself of the toxins I had ingested for the last 20 years.  I started having more energy, sleeping better and actually wanted to visit a man names “gym”.  Next step was their weight loss system.  Again in the last 20+yrs I have been on every program known to man, woman and child.  Needless to say they didn’t work, or maybe it was me.  So I signed up as an associate because who doesn’t want products at 30% discount for life, with no stings?  When I did the first 28 Day Challenge I was pushing 300 lbs.  With no exercise I sent my body a message that I meant business this time around and we were going to say good bye forever to the weight.  I lost 11 lbs and 7 total inches and I was hooked.  I thought to myself, ” this is my product line and my answer to being overweight”.  I found myself not wanting sweets, carbs sugary drinks as much.  Don’t get me wrong I am still breathing and I desire them from time to time but not 3 times a day like before. I also don’t tell myself NO.  If I want it I eat it. But I find myself leaving over 3/4 of whatever it was that I would have inhaled in 3 minutes.  Where I do find myself is at the gym, and  in the stores buying new clothes.

As of today I started my new challenge after being off 6 months with surgery and my SI joint issue. The most amazing news is in this time frame I did not gain any weight back because I stayed on Nutrition and a couple other products the whole time.  I have lost 40 lbs and 3 pant sizes since I started in Aug ’15.  I have 40 more lbs to go and 3 more sizes would be nice.  I am doing this for my family and myself so we can be around for a LONG time together. I currently take 7 supplements and I add in one for inflammation so I don’t have to use a pharmaceutical to take care of pain that flares up when i try to be Superwoman at the gym. So over time as you get healthier and re take the assessment 3-4 times a year based on season you will find yourself taking less supplements.

If you are searching for something to help jump start your healthier life please let me know.  At a minimum we ALL need to be on customized Nutrition.  No where else can you do this short assessment and input all your medical history and lifestyle and it read out the proper supplements for you that will not interfere or counteract each other.  Do you know that too much Beta Carotene in a smoker will increase lung cancer 60%, does the person at the local health/supplement store ask you those questions? Do you know what your B12 is made from in your vitamins?? It’s shocking if yours starts with a “C” go ahead Google it!

I challenge you to take the FREE, HIPAA compliant assessment and get the free information to better your health.  Trust me the time, effort you will spend getting them locally and quality of the supplements are worth every penny.  Appreciate your time and listening and here is the link to get your assessment TODAY!


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