10 yr old fun!

So here comes the “MOM” post.  We are the parents of an amazing daughter and she is the only child.  Yep you know where this is going.

So the day after Christmas we had to have the “you are ungrateful” talk and I said right then that there would be no more running to the store to get her what she wanted when she asked.  Well that lasted all of 7 days.  She wanted a Polaroid camera for Christmas and evidently Santa didn’t get the note.  NYE we went to look at the store she saw it at a couple of months ago.  They were on sale but still expensive.  So I said “let’s do research and see what we find”.  I went online and found it the next day somewhere else for 1/2 the price.  I told her “get dressed we are leaving in 10 mins and ask no questions”.  So she was ready and we rolled to the store.  She had a gift card from Christmas and I told her when she realized what was happening that she will use the card for it and work off the rest.  She was thrilled and kept repeating, ” I am so excited”  “you are the best!”.  We return home and within 2 hours she had to rush out the door to go to Youth Group and she read the text message wrong and she started snapping at me.  I was like WOW it happened again.  I was in a decent mood all day, was about to hit the gym while she was done and BAM just like that I went into a funk.  I had broken my rule to stop the ungratefulness and it happened all over.  I beat myself up the rest of the night, didn’t go to the gym, went to Taco Bell instead and came home and went to bed. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

So today she was better.  She helped with food prep a bit and cleaned up the kitchen with me.  That was worth $2 to me towards her debt.  Tomorrow we return to work after DH had a week off and I had a 3 day weekend.  She is still on winter break for another week so HOPEFULLY she is a little calmer this week since routine is picking back up.

So do any of you have the same issues?  How do you fix it?only child.jpg

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