Happy New Year!

We made it!!!!  You survived the holidays and into a new year we go.  So what are your New Years traditions?  When my parents were alive there was always Sauerkraut, some sort of a sausage, cornbread to eat for dinner.  To be honest I am not as faithful with this tradition.

But what I am doing today? I am prepping to get on the healthier path again.  I had a set back this year with some health issues so my and my friend we will call him “gym” had a separation and I am ready to get back together.  I had a mass removed in July from my right side which ended up being endometriosis and it was NO JOKE!  Once I was cleared to exercise again in August I developed my next issue.  All these years since I had our daughter I thought I had sciatica issues.  Well I went to have this looked at and within 3 minutes the doctor tells me it is my SI joint.  “say what?”  So we did an MRI and confirmed what he had already stated.  He told me rather than mess around lets do the injection and therapy.  A needle in my hind parts, Ughhhhhhhhh!!!  But I went in for the injection in October and started Therapy 2 days later.  After a couple small setbacks (yes I thought I did the injection for no good reason) my therapist worked it out and I am pleased to say that in mid November he released me back into the wild.  But I was like most people what the heck I have been off this long, might as well start Jan 1!

Well the day has arrived and I am choosing to do meal prep and clear my mind and prepare my body for the workouts again, cleaner eating, and on to losing the next 40 lbs.  Come back tomorrow and I will have meal prep tips and ideas to help you get started on a healthier path of lifestyle changes.  What you will find in my meals is flavor, carbs, calories and good fats.  Yes as the blog title states I am REAL and I won’t change that for no one, or anything.  If I were to cut out the carbs this would be a whole other blog because I would be “Hangry” all the time and frustrated.  Not a way I will ever live again!

What goals are you setting for 2017?  I don’t like the “R” word because that has always resulted in failure for me.  Comment below with your fill in the blank!2017 goal.jpg

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