Watch out 2017…..Here I come

Hi there, I am thrilled to start this new adventure in the world of blogging.  There will be many topics we will chat about and I will always protect the innocent/guilty and not use names 🙂

This journey will start on Jan 1, 2017 so if you are seeing this now please follow my blog and get ready for the best roller coaster ride of your adult life.  We will laugh, cry, talk about touchy subjects, pop culture, weight loss, battles with a pre-teen daughter, having a positive marriage, working mom, meal preps, exercise and someone that is an entrepreneur and looking to change peoples lives BIG and SMALL to name a few.

I feel like today’s society is too serious most of the time and other times they sit by idle when there should be action.  Facebook is great but to many feelings get hurt over there so I wanted a spot I can talk about what is on my mind and have a little therapy session.  If I hear from people great, if not well its out there in the cloud somewhere floating around for all to read at their leisure.

If over time you enjoy my blog I would appreciate you sharing it with others.  I just want to have fun and learn from others along the way.

So as we end 2016 I am pondering my goals and thoughts for 2017 and making a plan of action.  Step 1 was this blog so while its still under construction at least it is live and ready for action.  Step 2 is coming so stay tuned.  I ask you what are your goals?  Have you set an action plan yet?

Happy Holidays to all and may we come together in the New Year and support one another in whatever we do.

Til next year my friends………….



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