Hello!  So glad you stopped by to see what is going on in the crazy, busy world of Tanya.

I will be blogging about everything that comes my way so if you aren’t ready for the realness then this might not be for you.  We will laugh, cry, and explore our inner selves together.

Sit back, relax and grab a beverage cause its going to be a fun ride together.  I welcome feedback and also topics I might not touch on that you want to know about from my perspective.  I will also feature guest bloggers from time to time as well. So if I am not the expert I will find one to talk to us.

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When the tears hit out of the blue…..

Have you ever been driving and you just well up?  Sitting there making dinner and it hits you?  Wake up in the middle of the night and just start crying for no reason? It is maddening to not know the meaning behind the tears.  Especially when you have been the strong one for so long.  … Continue reading When the tears hit out of the blue…..

Have lost your tribe?

Life was great!  Laughing, partying, girls giggling and such.  The days before marriages, jobs, babies, divorces etc.  So why is it that women believe they need to stop doing all this just because of the fore mentioned things?  I mean just because you got married, gave birth you still a woman.  You still need girl … Continue reading Have lost your tribe?

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